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Solutions designed to fit the demands of your textile manufacturing and clothing retail business.

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A solution designed to fit your unique requirements

Wholesalers, brand owners, private label companies, and personal goods companies (shoes, sporting goods, corporate and promotional attire, accessories, and more) can now manage their business owing to a software solution completely integrated by the experts at ADNM.

Managing the various, disparate tasks of a business in the fashion industry can be difficult. Staff must juggle between creativity, motivation, logistics and management. ADNM has built the mobile, automated tools on which you can run a successful business, allowing you to focus on the creative.

Business expertise that will help you attain your goals

Based on the credentials of their vast experience, and highly specialized technical team, ADNM choses to work with Pebblestone Fashion, a NAV embedded solution. This solution is completely adapted to the needs of small and medium business in fashion and apparel. Pebblestone is available on the cloud enabling your sales teams and merchandise management team to work to on one platform regardless of where they are in the world.

All the essential elements of your business are covered: planning, conception, purchasing and supply, logistics, warehousing, and financials.

Critical issues resolved owing to our system integrations

Wholesale and manufacturing


Size, colour and fit

Easily create numerous styles in various colours and sizes. Simply adjust and modify the many dimensions of a product rapidly enter and assemble an order with the flexible template


Manage Seasons

Process control based on the stage of the product’ lifecycle. Product status styles, colours, sizes on the different processes. Display order quantities compared against billed quantities. Support the delivery windows per season


Client Order Management

Optimize stock allocation, received according to open orders, taking into consideration shorts and overs. Automatic cancellation or replacement of items when minimum quantities are not available during the presales stage.



Product data management product lifecycle management. Complete PLM functionalities to manage processes from concept to storage. Planning and budgeting. Comprehensive management of all date pertaining to a product (cleaning and servicing, test results, measurements, BOM classifications, calculations). Completely integrated with business processes



Fonctionnalité PLM complète pour gérer les processus, du concept au stockage. Gestion des chemins critiques. Planification et budget des collections. Gestion complète des données produit (lavage et entretien, résultats des tests, mesures, nomenclature BOM, calculs, pack technique).


Agility and Productivity

Accessible from anywhere. Shortens decision making cycle, respond more rapidly to change. Satisfied end-User with a solution adapted a familiar user interface


And more

Clothing business and fashion boutiques


Eliminate the pains and headaches of the business of selling clothes

Retail clothing stores and the fashion business have numerous inherent problems related to on-line shopping. (Precise product features, straightforward returns, exchanges, etc.) and to store sales too (limited inventory, floor management) Our solution enables you to manage all the necessary operations of your store from the POS terminal, to inventory management and accounting.


Visibility throughout the various distribution channels

With our solution, consumers have the choice to order on line and to pick up their items in your store, or to have them delivered at home. Our mobile POS enables employees to join customers anywhere in the store and to offer them complete service (product information, billing, ordering product from another location).


Following customers’ buying behaviour

Your clients’ purchase history and profile are available to you in just one click. This allows you to offer each customer a personalized experience and special offers tailored to them. You can reward your best customers with loyalty programs fueled by our solution.


Predictive Analytics

Our solutions helps you to improve the accuracy of your demand planning and permits better, more strategic replenishments.


Don’t lose a sale

It is unfortunate is your lose a sale and your competition gains one because product was not available on your website or in stock. Our solution eliminates this risk by equipping you with a powerful tool that manages stock and replenishment in real-time.


And more!

Solutions carefully selected by ADNM for the clothing and apparel industry

ADNM International offers you complete solutions to manage your business in the fashion and apparel sector. Based on years of market experience, we have selected these solutions to serve you best.

Pebblestone Fashion

Pebblestone Fashion, for retail businesses, clothing and fashion goods, this Omni-channel solutions helps you to keep an eye on sales, an inventory, while maximizing customer loyalty, regardless of how they process their purchases.

LS Retail

LS Retail is an end to end retail management solution that integrates your head office with your stores to offer your clients the omni-channel experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Financial

For an integrated management of your business in a single system, includes all the essential functions, from order management and billing to reporting, with no waiting time.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Sales

Powerful customer relation management (CRM) tool for optimizing sales efforts and marketing campaigns on the cloud.

The Asset Guardian (TAG)

The Asset Guardian (TAG) allows you to implement into your operation, a reliable corrective maintenance process. Automate preventive and predictive maintenance schedules and get the most out of your valuable equipment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based solution uniquely combining CRM and ERP under the same roof providing an enhanced, unified user experience.

Office 365

Office 365 insures productivity and collaboration between all members of your staff. You will have access to all the vital work tools (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype, etc.) in the cloud.

NAVONE Shopfloor

to allow you to manage goods consummation and activities on the production floor. It helps you to manage your employees and follow up on planned tasked, while following inventory levels and productivity. Information is updated in real time.

Reimagine productivity with the Cloud

Mobile and cloud-based solutions today translate into business process transformation and the emergence of new ways of working. Follow the parade!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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