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We enable the digital transformation of businesses in the food industry.

Whether you are in the business of selling, processing, or distributing food products, your risks and responsibilities exist throughout all levels of the food chain: From farm to fork.

Companies in the food industry rely on specific technologies in order to help them manage quality control, adhere to stringent standards, and make their processes more efficient. All this is necessary for the survival and profitability of a company in the food industry.

Valuable industry experience to help you attain your goals

For over a decade, the team at ADNM International have been serving organizations in the food industry. Our food industry experts understand the challenges of high risk businesses, while meeting the stringent standards in terms of quality and performance. It is imperative to have experts working with you. We help you to make your best products, enable efficient distribution, and adhere to quality control standards, all while keeping costs and complexity to a minimum.

We have combined our in depth industry knowledge with innovative solutions such as cloud computing, mobility, and e-commerce, to help transform the way you work and to help you to respond to the needs of your clients – whether you’re in food transformation or distribution.

Critical issues resolved with our integrated systems

Food production and transformation


Reduce food waste

Reduce food waste, improve quality control, mange inventory and inventory control, all while improving customer satisfaction.


Meet demand

Understand and anticipate demand trends. Synchronize order cycles to balance inventory.


Ensure Food Safety

Avoid imminent threats to the food chain by insuring conformity to regulations and standards and enable traceability of ingredients and finished products in the event of a recall.


Be More Productive

Streamline operations on site, between entities, regions and countries through business process management built on best practices.


Manage Recalls

Ensure complete visibility with lot number tracking from reception through to the manufacturing, including internal transfers, up to outbound shipping to customers.


Integrate your Supply Chain

Integrate with your trading partners both up and downstream so you can measure key performance indicators. Measure and use performance data to reduce costs, increase revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.

Retail and restaurant


Point of Sale made simple, fast, and easy

Coordinate your operations quickly and error free with a system that is intuitive and graphic user interface that is easily customizable. Manage multiple offers and promotions and multiple Payments methods and currencies to offer an exceptional customer experience.


Retail mobile and in-store

Provide customers with product related information, product availability, and store locations. Gain access to customers’ purchasing history, and more.


Powerful back-store Management

Master the entire operation by managing the information data flow from head office to the back-store with POS terminals, and more.


Product Management

Manage and update product related information across your selling channels from your head office. See what products are available and where, and much more.


Robust Price and Promotions Management

Assign different prices to the same article base on various parameters: season (dates), location, payment method, and others. Also have the ability to manage various promotional offers, and more.


Loyalty Programs

Offer your customers loyalty programs that you can manage end to end. Analyse your customers’ purchasing habits, offer in-store or online rewards, create personalized marketing campaigns, and more.

Solutions carefully selected by ADNM for the food industry

ADNM International offers you complete solutions for managing your business in the food industry. We implement the following market proven solutions:

Columbus Food

Columbus Food is a powerful operations system geared towards companies in food and food transformation. The system enforces the implementation and execution of stringent food safety standards.

LS Retail

LS Retail manages retail businesses, restaurant, and fast food chains. The all in one solutions will manage your entire retail operation from purchasing to delivery.

The Asset Guardian (TAG)

The Asset Guardian (TAG) allows you to implement into your operation, a reliable corrective maintenance process. Automate preventive and predictive maintenance schedules and get the most out of your valuable equipment.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud based solution uniquely combining CRM and ERP under the same roof providing an enhanced, unified user experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Financials

a complete business and financial management solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Microsoft Dynamics for Financials : Your whole business, a single system.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 - Sales

Sell more, faster with Dynamics 365 for sales. Turn relationships into revenue, grow your business profitability and work faster to win faster.

Office 365

Office 365 insures productivity and collaboration between all members of your staff. You will have access to all the vital work tools (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Skype, etc.) in the cloud.

Reimagine productivity with the Cloud

Mobile and cloud-based solutions today translate into business process transformation and the emergence of new ways of working. Follow the parade!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

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1.866.444.2366 | 450.419-5559