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A new generation of intelligent applications to enhance your team’s efficiency

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ADNM can offer you all the tools you need to optimize your operation

Many of our client have express how they find that managing multiple, disparate systems simultaneously can be a complicated and arduous task. If this is also the case for you, then the time has come to become more efficient through a centralized management system comprising: Field Service et automated Project Management.

Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Combining intelligent business applications via CRM and ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 creates a platform that directly address your management needs. We also help by adding applications customized to your evolving business requirements.

Why Chose ADNM for your Dynamics 365 integration needs?

A team of product specialists possessing unparalleled industry experience makes ADNM the partner of choice for implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, adapted to the specific requirements of your industry.

Our team will help you to minimize risks, stay within budget, and properly address change management.

What advantages can you expect to obtain with Microsoft Dynamics 365?



ADNM helps you to gather various applications specific to your industry and select the optimal collaborate tools for your specific operation and that will enable your employees to work more efficiently.


Our experts will make sure you access the data you need in order to make better decisions specific to your industry. Implementing Microsoft Power BI, with Dynamics 365 will help your employees transform your Big Data into actionable plans. Putting structured data to work for you!



We will train you so that you in turn can present your teams with applications that are easy to use, and display metric critical to your business success while running on a solid, flexible platform: Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

Have one of our expert resources implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in your business and you will:

Have more meaningful discussions with you customers using data mined from your digital intelligence activities


Keep stakeholders in the know by providing them with pertinent, timely information with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 collaboration tools

Optimize your operations with ERP functions that are built specifically for your industry with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

Rethink your product and service strategies by combining the strength of sharing data and digital intelligence

Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Laval (Québec) Canada H7P 0J1
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4000, Louis B. Mayer st.
Laval (Quebec) Canada H7P 0J1
1.866.444.2366 | 450.419-5559