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ADNM Integrates and develops ERP and CRM enterprise solutions built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform.

We help you to realize the full potential of your business, providing strategic guidance at each phase of CRM and ERP implementation project. Our experience, coupled with knowledge and experience in your particular industry, translate into a no-risk solution implementation.

What we propose:

Develop expertise on the specifics of your industries in order to manage risk, master your processes, and provide valuable consultations.

Simplify project management by relying on a team of multi-disciplinary experts experienced in implementation projects, system deployments, change management, and in systems optimization.

Targeted solutions adapted to your industry sector: Food, Fashion and Apparel, Professional Services, Distribution and Logistics, and Manufacturing.

Gain better control of your systems integrations and cloud infrastructure with our reliable, superior services.


Effectively meet your technical support needs when you need them, 24/7

Proven methodologies

ADNM masters business processes and analysis owing to a team of diversified, talented, experts who cover enterprise critical Microsoft products: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

ADNM’s proven approach to business process analysis is founded on our many local, national, and international clients.

ADNM has therefore been able to develop a methodology enabling us to meet the requirements of your business sector, leading your company to stand out

Project Management

Project Management

Our experts work with you to determine your most important business growth needs. This is done by taking into consideration the size of your business, type of industry, and available resources. This critical phase allows us to present you with the best course of action from infrastructure, to a more agile and efficient enterprise wide operation.

A structured deployment

The team at ADNM has devised a rigorous and structured implementation process that enable our clients to be supported and guided throughout the implementation. We understand the importance of proactive follow up, communication, and a controlled implementation methodology.

Realizing a detailed Proof of Concept

ADNM’s experience, proven methodologies, and enterprise acumen will be used to develop a comprehensive proof of concept that will show you to save time and eliminate redundancies. You will also gain an accurate assessment of the scope and level of complexity of your proposed project.

Training and guidance throughout the project

All of our customers receive the training they need to securely execute the processes and tasks inherent in the new solution. Our accredited Microsoft certified trainers will personalize their training programs to suit your individual needs.


Change Management

Assuring solid change management with your company

Change management enables a smooth, efficient transition from old work methods to entirely new ones. The success of any project depends greatly of the ability of the team members to adopt new practices. At ADNM, we manage your project from start to finish using the principles of project management to ensure a progressive transition.

Risk Management

ADNM International guarantees a constant present in order to provide continual support to insure that the ever evolving needs of your business are met.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

4000, rue Louis B. Mayer
Laval (Québec) Canada H7P 0J1
1.866.444.2366 | 450.419-5559

4000, Louis B. Mayer st.
Laval (Quebec) Canada H7P 0J1
1.866.444.2366 | 450.419-5559