Our Difference

What makes us different

Over the last 20 years, ADNM International inc. have helped its clients become more prosperous and efficient in their respective fields. With a team of experienced professionals, , we take pride in being an industry leader in cloud, maintenance software, Microsoft services and more.

As a proud Tier 1 Microsoft Direct CSP (Cloud Solutions Provider) in Canada, United States, Europe and Africa and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert, ADNM is your one-stop shop for all your cloud, IT and infrastructure needs.


A few reasons why ADNM is the provider you’re looking for


Security like you've never seen it before

Based on Microsoft’s cloud protection, our offer is the most secured you could ask for. Microsoft invests more than $1B a year and employs more than 3500 security experts to protect your information.

Our security promise then has three components:

  1. The first component is the secure foundation of Azure. This is all the security that is provided in the physical datacenters from structural security to biometric security to infrastructure such as preventing DDoS attacks to operational security which provides the minimum just in time access for the minimum number of employees.
  2. Azure includes built-in security controls across a breadth of services across identity, network, compute, data and apps that enable comprehensive threat protection and security management. Its important that you use these native tools, like Azure Security Center that will help improve your security posture quickly.
  3. Finally, Azure offers threat protection which is informed by literally trillions of diverse signals that are received every day from variety of sources like from more than 1.2B devices scanned, or more than 750M+ Azure user account authentications. This volume of data is unprecedented, and these insights are integrated in our security solutions to help you mitigate threats faster.