Microsoft NAV

What is Microsoft NAV?


It is an enterprise resource planning system, also called ERP, developed by Microsoft. It allows to act on the different processes of an organization. Whether it is sales, production, accounting, and many other processes, NAV brings everything under the same roof. Since it is an integration software, all applications communicate with each other to improve your productivity. By connecting this system with Microsoft tools, you save time because you won’t be busy trying to adjust each of your applications to another ERP.

Today, NAV has been replaced by the new Business Central. The latter is based on cloud computing and offers more protection and security to its users. Updated on a regular basis, it is the perfect successor to NAV, offering a faster and more efficient integration. In addition, Business Central offers extensions that can be added or removed according to the customer’s needs. NAV is still accessible to companies that used it before. However, in order to maintain the security of your data and applications without compromising the quality of service, it would be important for you to switch to Business Central.