Cloud Readiness Assessment

What is a cloud readiness assessment?

The cloud readiness assessment is a process where you analyze the data of a business to determine if their apps and data can be transferred to the cloud. This can lead to a huge evolution for a company and then open the door for new opportunities on the market. At ADNM, we follow a strict and measured plan to determine if all your vital business information, and applications, can be duly moved to the cloud in the smoothest way.

You must understand that the cloud migration is a huge investment in terms of time and work for the people from IT. Nevertheless, the firm that has done a great readiness assessment will find itself with a considerable advantage over its competitors. Indeed, that organization will have saved time and reduced the costs for the cloud migration. That way, you keep the lead over the competition on the market.


How do you do a great cloud readiness assessment?

We tailor public, private, or hybrid cloud environments precisely for your corporation, considering your assets. Which means that your technology, your business strategy as well as your people are taken into consideration in the evaluation process. We also keep choosing the best tools for your business depending on your overall objectives and the future environment you want to create. In the end, we do everything to minimize the impact of the migration on your firm.

Each organisation is unique. It had its own history, its own strategy, and its own people. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all cloud migration strategy. That’s why conducting a cloud readiness assessment is critical. You’ll be able to understand what must be done to prepare for a cloud migration and how to get there.

What’s in it for my company?

There are multiple benefits for you to take advantage of. First, it gives you insights of your own company and how well your infrastructure is performing. Consider this assessment as the investment to organize your firm assets.  Also, when done right, the cloud readiness assessment gives you the keys to success. In the era of IoT, you must keep up with the new technologies that offer competitive advantages. Assessing your ability to migrate to the cloud allows you to stay up to date and competitive while saving time and money.

In addition, here are 3 benefits that should convince you to jump in the process: