Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence (BI)

The purpose of an organization doing BI to ensure a proper cycle of consistent and integrated information flow across decision-making nodes. The goal is simply to provide the customers any insight and foresight information which can help them gain an advantage over their competitors.


Business Intelligence reports

At ADNM, we advise you on the data you must follow before converting large and complex structured, semi-structured and unstructured data into concise and worthwhile information. The sole purpose of this is to enable you to make the most informed decisions about your business. Business Intelligence will help you withdraw information from your data, and then convert it to insights. These will be paired with immersive dashboard thanks to the exploitation of powerful tools like Power BI from Microsoft.


Business Intelligence seen by ADNM

During the last 20 years, we worked in collaboration with many customers across different industries and across the world. This makes us the perfect fit for your business with all the knowledge and experience we can bring you.

With our method, you will have multiple benefits. You will obtain a reduction of your costs, an improved employee satisfaction, higher revenues as well as improved data quality. To gather the most efficient insights, we use specific dashboards depending on your industry. Theses reports and graphs will entirely be tailored to your business. We put forward key data points related to specific KPI’s that are suited for your industry. That emphasis allows us to keep our customers competitive by delivering real-time data. That way, they get to understand the bigger picture.